After months of back-and-forth, the Strassen municipal council has made its decision on opening Rue des Romains for cyclists in both directions.

Cyclists are now officially allowed to cycle in both directions on Rue des Romains between Rue des Prés and Rue de la Chapelle.

Both on this stretch of Rue des Romains and Rue Marguerite Thomas-Clement, vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes are no longer permitted. Nor will they be able to turn onto Rue des Romains from Rue des Prés.

Only cyclists are now allowed to turn left onto Rue des Romains from Rue Marguerite Thomas-Clement.

Due to the introduction of this measure, the "Bechel" bus stop on Rue des Romains has officially been cancelled and public transport users should use the "Kesseler" bus stop on Route d'Arlon instead.

All the changes will be valid for a test phase lasting a year.