The time has come to connect to the internet...for free?

CityWifi is activated in Dudelange!

What is it?
The CityWifi hotspot is a free way to connect your mobile, tablet or laptop to the internet.

Where is it?
In Dudelange, you can find the free hotspots at the Centre Sportif René Hartmann, Avenue Grande Duchess Charlotte and the Place 'Am Duerf'.

How can I connect?
Simply turn on your wifi and connect to the CityWifi hotspot. If a webpage doesn't automatically open, then open one in your browser. Click on 'créez votre compte' (create your account) and put in your information. You'll need to put in a valid phone number as it will send you the password via SMS. Then just choose your username and valid phone number and log in.

Why is it free?
The communes decided to provide the citizens with a free, high-performance Wifi in order to show an innovative spirit.

For more info, you can call the CityWifi provider HOTCITY at 27 11 5000 (08:00 to 17:00 on business days)