As reported in an earlier article, tragic scenes unfolded in Esch last Saturday. According to new information, the perpetrator had already been taken to the police station the day before the incident.

Police were alerted to a fight in an apartment in Esch on Saturday. Upon arrival, officers found a woman with serious injuries lying in the building's corridor. She was immediately attended to by emergency services and taken to hospital - but later succumbed to her injuries.

According to Tageblatt, the couple already had a severe dispute the day before the deadly incident. Neighbors consequently alerted police and officers took the man to the police station.

Despite a restraining order, he returned to the woman's apartment the next day. She allegedly let him into the flat without protesting. However, another violent fight quickly ensued and the man inflicted fatal stab wounds on her. He was also heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident, Tageblatt writes.

The perpetrator currently remains in pre-trial custody.