Relief workers, the army and volunteers remain hard at work to help the victims in Bascharage and Pétange.

The Government Crisis Cell met late Monday morning to review the operations in the municipalities of Bascharage and Pétange.

At the end of this meeting, which took place in the presence of the Minister of Home Affairs, a priority was set: complete the tarpaulin and the closure of the damaged roofs before the arrival of new bad weather.

Remember that Météolux has placed Luxembourg on yellow alert for a new stormy front that will reach the country after 2pm. In this context, the government assures that "all the necessary preventive measures" have been taken.

German firefighters provide reinforcement

As of Monday, approximately 100 CGDIS firefighters are deployed in the affected areas of Bascharage and Pétange. They are supported by the army, and about sixty men and about twenty vehicles of Technisches Hilfswerk.

According to the CGDIS, about "a quarter of the requests" are still to be processed by the emergency services. There is still a lot of work to be done.

"Many people" have been taken care of by the psychological support group since the natural disaster. The government reminds that it remains available "to anyone who requests it via the hotline".

Situation on the ground

Traffic in and around the streets affected by the tornado last Friday remains very difficult. The crisis response personnel reiterated its appeal for "non-affected people to avoid the sector which remains under close police surveillance".

As for the area where the high voltage line damaged by the tornado is located, it remains closed to the public.

Finally, in some areas, gas lines have been closed. The latest news is that Sudgaz is still working to restore gas in these sectors.

In this context, the government has issued a reminder that in no case should "affected people themselves reopen their gas pipes" and they must wait for the intervention of professionals.