It seems the truism is ... well, true.

Most men don't marry until after the age of 30, a trend that seems to have established itself fairly recently: the numbers only seem to have increased since 2010.

Women on the other hand tend to marry younger, having been a little ahead of the game since the 90s.

So while men seem to marry between the ages of 30 and 34 (with 485 married in 2018), women are more likely to get hitched in their late twenties (473 aged 25 to 29 married).

In fact, 2018 stats revealed that 792 men were married in their 30s, as opposed to 428 who were still in their 20s.

But this isn't the age category that really stands out. It is in fact those aged 45 and over that catch the eye, with 426 men married versus 279 women of the same age married in 2018.

Finally, 16 women married in 2018 were under the age 20, in comparison to only 3 men in the same year.

While social trends have changed since the 20th century, it still seems that some habits endure: and men still marry significantly later than women in Luxembourg.