The maximum price for diesel will drop by 2.5 cents at midnight on Tuesday, to €1.088 Euro per litre.

The maximum price for a litre of 95 octane unleaded petrol (E10) will also drop by 2.0 cents to €1.233 per litre, and 98 octane (E5) will drop by 2.4 cents to €1.297 per litre.

Sulphur-free (10ppm) and low-sulphur (50ppm) heating fuel will also drop in price, both by 2.7 cents to €0.612 per litre.

The price of two-stroke mix is also going down by 2.4 cents, to a maximum €1.820 per litre.

And finally, the price of natural gas will go down by 1.7 cents to a maximum €0.762 per kilo.