Police will be checking criminal records of certain members of staff.

Last Friday the State Council approved of a bill that would allow police to perform routine background checks at Findel airport. The law applies especially to those who have access to security zones.

The text is based on EU executive regulations and will be introduced to the Chamber of Deputies within the next few days, confirmed Minister of Defence and Internal Security, François Bausch.

This means that there will be a complete overhaul of the current system so as to be reformed from the ground up. Police will undertake routine checks of criminal records of all airport personnel, with more intense screening processes for those who work in security and have access to security areas. These are to take place annually.

These checks will be drawing on the police's central index. In case of an appeal, the relevant minister will be in charge of rejections.

Bausch expects the new bill should guarantee the maximum level of security possible within the airport, and is awaiting any changes or improvements the Chamber might have, since only the minimum criteria set forth by the EU were incorporated into the text.

The development also involves more work for police forces, who are now tasked with analysing the (potential) criminal backgrounds of approximately 10,000 people."