A drunken rampage and no fewer than 6 break-ins: it was a loaded weekend for law enforcement.

The police had to deal with a man who used a street sign to strike and damage two parked cars, a phone booth, and the front door of an apartment building.

Police were called 6 times for break-ins across the country

  • A burglary in a family home in Steinfort, Rue de Schwarzenhof on  20 July between 5 and 10pm;
  • A burglary in a family house in Walferdange, Rue de Helmsange at some point between 14 and 21 July;
  • A burglary in a single-family dwelling in Cents, Rue Nicolas Margue on  21 July at 5.20am. The offender drilled a hole in the door and unlocked the handle; once inside however, he triggered the alarm system;
  • A burglary in a family house in Dippach, Rue René Geysen. The time of the crime was between 1.30 and 4pm on 20 July;
  • A burglary attempt in a single-family home in Kleinbettingen, Rue du Park, on  20 july at 7pm;
  • A burglary in apartment in Esch-Alzette, Prince Henri Boulevard on between 1.30 and 8.15pm on  20 July. Among other things, 1 grey Macbook pro and one Ipad Mini3 with black stripes were stolen.

Near miss at Luxembourg Gare

A would-be mugger met his match on Saturday evening on Rue de Strasbourg in Luxembourg City.

When he tried to steal a woman's bag that she had placed on the ground, she defended herself by promptly punching him in the face.

The perpetrator was tracked down by the police shortly afterwards, and was brought before the examining magistrate.

Car vandalised

On Saturday morning at 11am, one witness informed the police of a car with a broken window. The authorities assume a street sign was used.