Following criticism by the Luxembourg Consumer Association, the Ministry of Mobility has revised season ticket availability.

From 1 July onward, no more yearly season tickets will be sold - customers will instead be encouraged to purchase monthly tickets until February 2020.

According to the Ministry of Mobility, this is to ensure customers will not be out of pocket if they purchase a yearly ticket which goes beyond the start of free public transport in March.

Exceptions to the rule are business with M-Pass, which will be calculated pro-rata. Private users will not receive this option.

Yearly season tickets for first class passengers will remain on sale, as they will still be used after March 2020.

Luxembourg Consumer Association criticism: purchased tickets won't be reimbursed

The consumer protection group accused the ministry of "ripping passengers off" in a statement released earlier this week. They urged the ministry to protect consumers requiring yearly season tickets, citing the example of road tax partial refunds in a bid to extend this to public transport.