Israeli media has reported on Bettel's reaction to the Israeli Minister of Education's support of therapy that claims to "cure" homosexual people.

The Luxembourgish prime minister is said to have refused to attend an event in honour of Luxembourg and Belgium ambassador Simona Frenkel, who is about to change her post, due to Israeli minister Rafi Peretz' approval of conversion therapy.

Various Israeli news outlets are basing their information on an interview Simona Frenkel gave to Channel 12, however the prime minister's cabinet has hitherto neither denied, confirmed, nor issued any sort of statement on the matter.

According to the reports, Xavier Bettel explained to Frenkel that he was unable to support a representative of a government that endorses this kind of therapy.

Rafi Peretz' comments caused a fair amount of uproar in his own country, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assuring in a press release that not only were they unacceptable, but they did also not correspond to the government's official stance on the matter.