Starting this summer the Sales-Lentz "Hop On Hop Off"- Bus will be driving through Oesling and Müllerthal. is launching a new tourist attraction: the "Hop On Hop Off" Bus, a tour called "Nature & Castle Line - Where History meets Nature".  Two buses will cover the stretch.

The course provides tourists with a unique experience, allowing visitors to travel between Luxembourg City and the Müllerthal-Vianden-Echternach region, and was borne out of a collaboration between the Regional Tourist Office (ORT), Müllerthal and Oeslick.

The new circuit also offers an extension of the already well-known "Hop On Hoff Off City Line"-Tours. The objective is to connect the most idyllic sports of the country’s north east with the capital.

The "Nature & Castle Line" tTour begins in Luxembourg City and drives in the direction of either Echternach or Vianden, passing through Junglinster, Müllerthal, Beaufort, Reisdorf, and Bettendorf (or Dillingen if the final destination is Vianden).

The tour costs €24 for an adult, €14 for a child between 4 and 15 years, and is free for those aged 0 to 3. It is also possible to buy a combination ticket ("Hop On Hoff Off City Line" + "Hop On Hop Off Nature & Castle Line"). The new line starts in June 2019 and goes until the 4 November 2019, the schedule can be found at