The Eritrean native's lawyer, Frank Greff, affirmed that his client was suffering from health issues.

The administrative court has cancelled the transfer of an Eritrean man to Italy. The man had claimed asylum in Luxembourg, although the Ministry of Immigration argued that Italy should be responsible for offering asylum. Jean Asselborn confirmed this after further questioning.

The Eritrean man's lawyer, Frank Greff, stated that his client was suffering from poor health. The court requested a guarantee from the Ministry, which was consequently passed on to Italy. But according to Asselborn, there had been no response from Rome. The court's verdict therefore allowed the man to stay in Luxembourg for the time being.

He will be subjected to the normal asylum procedures, receiving a visit from immigration officials in a few months' time. However, Jean Asselborn was quick to point out that no general conclusions should be drawn from this specific case.