This is it: 'SPECS' have been installed on the N11 which links Waldhof to Gonderange

Whilst the end of roadworks, which have majorly troubled traffic towards Junglinster and Echternach over the last few days/weeks, are a welcome relief, speed cameras have been put into place at the Waldhof exit and the Gonderange entrance.

A road well known for the tragedy that occurred there in September 2015, where an accident involving multiple cars meant that three people lost their lives, the N11 has been the subject of a series of measures aimed to decrease road accidents.

The former speed limit of 110 km/h, where two lanes were available, has been lowered to 90 km/h. A decision taken by François Bausch, at the time minister of sustainable development, in response to concerns about road safety.

In 2017, another measure had been taken in order to force users of the N11 to stick to the new speed limits: a radar was installed at the entrance of Gonderange.

Finally, a few months ago, road safety representatives announced that another speed camera would be installed and this has been  The N11 now has 4 SPECS with the former radar, which will stay in place.

A number of measures still divide drivers: some see it as a necessary step, others see a doggedness of road safety in it.

Good to know: Even though the SPECS have been installed they will only start sanctioning drivers at the ''end of 2019 - start of January 2020''. Until then, the device will remain in a testing phase.