The WHO estimates that roughly 40 Million people live with the HI-Virus in their bodies, but every 7th person is not aware of it. (videos in Luxembourgish)

There is still no cure for HIV, but thanks to efficient treatments the immune system can be kept in check, so that affected people no longer reach the AIDS stage and do not die of its consequences.

Statistically, 100 new infections are diagnosed in Luxembourg each year, but the number of those feared to be HIV positive but not diagnosed could be much higher.

VIDEO: Positiv. Liewe mat HIV
100 nei positiv Fäll pro Joer. E Mëttwoch den Owend gëtt et am Magazin e längere Reportage iwwert HIV an Aids.

HIV in history

A new illness broke out in the USA at the beginning of the 80's. To some extent, the symptoms varied greatly, at that time doctors assumed that they were facing a virus which attacked the immune system. It took a few years for researchers to discover the HI-virus.

Meanwhile, over 35 million people have died following the consequences of an HIV infection. The World Health Organisation estimates that 40 million people currently live with the virus. However, one person out of seven remains unaware of it.

According to the national HIV and Aids action plan for 2018-2022, the number of new infections tended to rise in the last few years.

Future plans

The government has defined two concrete goals for the following years: new infections need to be prevented as much as possible and the quality of living of already infected people must improve.

Most importantly, if people have been exposed to a risk of infection, they need to be told as soon as possible whether they have been infected or not.