Botox injections: a practice that is gaining in popularity casts doubt upon current national medical standards.

Is a beautician allowed to inject you with Botox? This is the question that Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party MP Marc Angel asked Minister of Health, Etienne Schneider.

The MP noted that more and more beauticians and aestheticians are undergoing training in order to perform Botox and hyaluronic acid injections.

But, in light of considerable risks, is it legal to allow people without medical qualifications to perform these beauty routines?

The Minister of Health’s answer is definitive: anyone who carries out such procedures without a valid licence is committing a legal offense and as such are liable to criminal punishment.

And for good reason: Botox injections can lead to vein damage and facial paralysis, health risks that are by no means negligible.

In short, your beautician, whether or not he/she is trained, is not allowed to inject Botox or hyaluronic acid. As for doctors, they must also have a licence valid in Luxembourg.

It is worth nothing that the Directorate of Health already reported the case of one doctor that offered unauthorised treatment in the Grand Duchy. These are not stories reserved to countries beyond our borders.