Wasserbillig saw the highest temperatures on Wednesday, but no new June record for Findel.

Hundreds of people sought relief from Wednesday's soaring temperatures, with Remerschen swimming lakes receiving nearly 1000 visitors looking to cool off - their highest attendance rate all year. 5000 people are expected to visit the ponds this weekend as the weather stays warm.

Maximum of 37.2 degrees in Wasserbillig

Wasserbillig experienced the Grand Duchy's highest temperatures on Wednesday, measuring 37.2 degrees on the warmest day of the year so far. Remerschen and Roeser followed with a slightly lower 36.5 degrees.

In Findel, the maximum temperature reached 34.7 degrees - 0.7 degrees less than 22 June 2017, which measured 35.4 degrees. The absolute record in Findel was measured between 8 and 12 August 2003, reaching 37.9 degrees. Incidentally, areas along the Moselle experienced temperatures between 39 and 40 degrees in the summer of 2003.

Although the next few days are forecast to be cooler, temperatures are set to reach a maximum of around 30 degrees, and it is still just the start of the summer season. Our French neighbours in Clermont-Ferrand dealt with temperatures of 40.9 degrees on Wednesday.

No June record in Findel

Blue skies, sunshine and temperatures exceeding 30 degrees - summer has finally come to the Grand Duchy, and looks to be here for a while, at least until the weekend.

It could well be a June for the record books. But have temperatures soared in the last few years, or is the media making it appear that way?

RTL discussed the rising temperatures with Meteolux. Findel's record temperatures from 2017 have not been reached since, and the number of days with temperatures over 35 degrees have not significantly increased recently, said Luca Mathias of Meteolux. He did acknowledge that the number of high temperature days have increased since the 90s, with 1 or 2 days attaining 35 degrees or more every summer. 2003 was a notable exception, with 7 days of extreme temperatures across the summertime, but this has not been the case since.

Average June temperatures increasing

Between 1947 and 1990, there was just a single day measuring over 35 degrees in Findel. Between 1990 and the present, Meteolux have reported 16 days measuring over 35 degrees.

June temperatures have indeed increased in the last 20 years, with the average temperature in the mid-90s rising from 14-16 degrees to 17-18 degrees nowadays.

But Mathias maintained that people are becoming more aware of the weather, with the media pushing stories of extreme temperatures to the detriment of meteorologists. He said many news outlets exaggerated forecasts, citing headlines in the last week stating that Europe would experience temperatures of 40 degrees or more - making meteorologists look responsible for all the hype.

However, he acknowledged it was important to share sensible advice in extreme weather, to inform people on how to stay safe and avoid unhealthy consequences.

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