The Pentalateral Energy Forum, currently presided over by Luxembourg Minister for Energy Claude Turmes, is working on a number of energy projects, including the regional facilitation of electric cars. On Tuesday, the forum presented its ten-year plan.

The Pentalateral Energy Forum is a regional cooperation group formed of five members - the Benelux states, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Formed ten years ago, the ministers for energy from the various countries represent a total of 200 million residents and 40% of the European electricity network.

Turmes highlighted the benefits of such a forum, especially for a country as small as Luxembourg. He stressed that coordinating with colleagues from neighbouring countries is essential to guaranteeing a safe electricity network, competitive energy prices for residents and Luxembourg industry, and the possibility of driving through Western Europe with electric cars.

The forum put together its plan for the next ten years, which aims to create a better, more carbon neutral, secure, and affordable energy network. Specifically, Turmes explained that the forum hopes to explore how to function without gas, coal, and nuclear energy in the future, how to develop green hydrogen, and finally, how to further develop sustainable mobility across borders. Over the next few years, the aim is to make it easier to travel from Luxembourg to the south of France by electric car, for instance.


The forum will also examine offering financial incentives for energy efficient measures and the offer of renewable energy. Turmes pointed out that France must work especially hard in regards to renewable energy, referring to the recurring issue of the Cattenom power plant. His methodology is for  countries like Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands, alongside the establishment of wind farms in the North See, to set an example as a means to pile on the pressure on France.
The ministers all agreed that energy policies are key to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The Pentalateral Energy Forum hopes to work closely together to share resources and knowledge to improve and organise the inter-regional energy market.