Every year, the National Lottery (Loterie Nationale) raises money to fund different charitable projects in the Grand Duchy.

The National Lottery had a turnover of €104.3 million in 2018, a quarter of which went to charitable causes. The National Lottery presented its annual report on Tuesday alongside the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

Faced with illegal competition

Since the National Lottery was founded in 1945, 23% of its profits have gone towards the Oeuvre Nationale. 2018 was a record year, with Euro Millions alone bringing in €44 million.

However, director Léon Losch highlighted a rising challenge to the National Lottery, taking place in the form of illegal competition. He said that money taken by illegal competitors does not go to the National Lottery and what's more, it does not go to the Oeuvre Nationale. Losch pinpointed both online fraudulent National Lottery vendors and physical ones, that are not at all attached to the Loterie National. He said all he could do is advise people that if they want to gamble a Euro, they should do so with the National Lottery due to the charitable aspect.

Supporting various projects

Every year, the Oeuvre Nationale invests its funds into supporting different projects. Last year, one of the projects was the "Plooschter Projet" (plaster project). According to Sandra Lieners, the financial aid helped the association raise awareness and debunk myths surrounding stem cell donation.

In 2018, Plooschter Projet launched a large-scale information campaign beginning in May and lasting until next month. The campaign had different phases, including adverts on television and at cinemas, created with Headroom and Skin. The project has also had banners on buses and been on radio. Those involved appreciate and understand the Oeuvre Nationale's contribution, which has allowed the volunteer-run project to reach new audiences.

The Oeuvre Nationale also supports cultural and artistic projects, including Boris Loder's "Particles" series.

75th birthday

Pierre Bley, the Oeuvre Nationale's president, took the opportunity of the annual report to remind those present that the National Lottery will celebrate its 75th birthday on 23 January 2020.

For the occasion, the National Lottery will release a new scratchcard alongside activities planned throughout the year. Notably, the National Archives will hold an exhibition.