By the end of 2018, Luxembourg counted 421,826 employees, of which half resided in the Grand Duchy. Half of those employees also hold Luxembourgish citizenship.

Statec has released new figures on employment in Luxembourg with two main takeaways: the number of individuals in paid employment has risen by 1% over the first quarter of 2019 and by 3.8% over the past year.

The increase in paid employment is notably due to the creation of jobs in the construction sector, which has seen a 4.3% increase in the past year, as well as in 'specialised' activities and the support sector (5.6%).

Statec has deemed this latter sector as the most dynamic job market, which reflects Luxembourg's healthy economy in terms of accounting services, building cleaning services, and electric installations.

Cross-border workforce continues to grow

During the same period of a year, the number of cross-border workers has grown more than resident workers (by 5% compared to 2.8%).

Amongst the residents of the Grand Duchy, the number of EU workers has risen by 1.9%. The non-EU resident workers have grown by 7.6%