Minister of Justice Felix Braz and Minister of Internal Security François Bausch both dismissed the idea of arming prison guards with tasers in a response to a parliamentary question.

In the joint response, the ministers described tasers as both 'needless' and 'too risky'.

In May 2018, an extremely aggressive inmate put in temporary custody at the Schrassig penitentiary centre injured four prison guards during an internal transfer.

CSV MPs Gilles Roth, Léon Gloden, and Octavie Modert submitted a parliamentary question on better protection for prison guards, pointing out that the prison guards were wearing protective gear for dangerous situations.

The MPs suggested that the use of tasers may have defused the situation in their parliamentary question.

Tasers - too risky

In their response, both ministers expressed reticence at equipping prison guards with tasers. The ministers cited the use of tasers in neighbouring countries, which often caused severe incidents and on occasion, even deaths. Instead, the ministers highlighted that prison guards have access to other devices which can incapacitate violent inmates. These other devices, the ministers explained, provide greater safeguards for the targeted individuals without risking the potential of death.

The ministers also reassured the MPs that they have purchased further 'active and passive resources' with the purpose of subduing aggressive inmates at a cost of €100,000.

Prison guards will have these additional resources as of September 2019. Once the resources have arrived, guards will no longer have to share equipment, as is currently the case.