The police had their hands full over the past 24 hours or so.

A thief broke through the glass wall next to the entrance of a café on Pasteur Avenue in Luxembourg City and stole a small amount of money.

Meanwhile, a brawl broke out between about twenty people on Rue de Bettembourg in Frisange. The situation had settled by the time the police arrived and participants had already returned home. Two people who had tried to intervene later reported being slightly injured. Both individuals were taken care of by on-site paramedics.

At around 2am on Monday morning, upon stopping a driver who had been displaying bizarre behaviour, police discovered that he not only had he drunk too much, he was already under a driving ban. Police drew up a report against him.

Another driver was stopped around 4.45am in Dudelange. He had also drunk too much and had to surrender his driving licence.

Emergency services also reported a person hit and injured by a car around 10am on Monday morning on Rue Dr. Klein in Ettelbrück.