Dan Kersch emphasised that he wanted to make his position very clear, despite the fact that the war is not yet a topic in parliament.

"NO, NO, and NO again, to a war against Iran!" - such is Dan Kersch's position concerning Luxembourg's involvement in a possible war against Iran, as posted on social media.

Dan Kersch continued by saying that it was evident that a war was being prepared, as media campaigns were using targeted news to mentally prepare people for "the big war in Iran". 

Dan Kersch made it clear that he does not want to be involved in such a war. It would also be detrimental for Europe, which would not be able to deal with it.  His personal opinion on the feared "horror scenario" of a US-Iran war is that the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg should not be involved in any way, neither financially, no logistically, as it is not our war. He followed up this statement with the promise to resign, should Luxembourg's government decide otherwise in terms of their involvement. 

Dan Kersch highlighted that he wants to set a precedent. This potential war is very important, and it is necessary to decide what side you are on.

AUDIO: En Zeeche setzen - Dan Kersch

He conceded that the war is not imminent, but that people would know where he stands, if it were to happen.

AUDIO: D'Positioun vum Dan Kersch ass kloer

To date, this is not on the government council's agenda, but that his comments should be seen as a personal post. In any case, should it come to it, he would rather bear the personal consequences than to be an accomplice of the war industry.

AUDIO: Am Moment ass et keen Thema am Regierungsrot - Dan Kersch