Around 'one hundred employees' were seen leaving Deloitte's offices in Kalchesbruck carrying computer screens. As it happens, this was not an employee walk out, but the business was giving away the screens.

Our colleagues at RTL 5Minutes received photographs of around one hundred Deloitte employees leaving the premises in Kalchesbruck carrying computer screens and other office equipment from concerned readers, curious about what was going on. Some employees were leaving by car, whilst others took the bus, carrying away their cargo.

Our colleagues contacted a Deloitte representative, who confirmed that the business was giving away computer screens whilst it was moving offices from Kalchesbruck to Cloche d'Or. The representative went on to say the business has "nearly 1,000 computer screens no longer compatible with the new systems" and decided to give the screens away to employees.

Certainly, a pleasant perk of the job then!