As with every year, primary and secondary school pupils end the academic year and start their summer breaks on 15 July. As 15 July falls on a Monday, students will have their last day of school the Friday before.

Students may be counting down the days to the end of the year and luckily, that countdown is a day shorter. Students will finish school on Friday 12 July rather than having to go in after the weekend. The summer break will last five weeks before the 2018/2019 academic year gets going.

Whilst students may finish school early, the schools themselves will not be shut, according to Patrick Remakel, president of the teachers' union. Teachers will need to continue working on concluding the year and preparing the next academic year.

This year, Whit Tuesday was not during the Pentecost half-term, but during the school term. Last year, this reignited the discussion to give students the day off, which ultimately did not occur.

This does not mean the early start to the summer break is compensating that. Instead, schools generally perceive making students come in on a Monday as their last day as not especially family friendly.

Breaking up on a Friday means families can leave for their holidays over the weekend.

Besides, Remakel added, school years always balance each other out. He cited the National Day bank holiday as an example, as this year the day off is on a Sunday.