Trade union work is essential and must not be constricted in any way, says Defence Minister François Bausch.

"Unfortunate": this was the word that was predominantly used on Tuesday morning after a communal sitting of public services, internal security and defence Chamber commissions while discussing the Christian Schleck incident.

The Syndicate president's reassignment due to his union involvement was made public around 3 weeks ago, a move that caused a lot upset.

Following the meeting, Democratic Party MP Gusty Graas declared that there had been no deliberate intent to restrict trade union activity.

François Bausch stressed his support for and the importance of unconstrained union work. According to Bausch, the military also fully endorsed this position.

Upon being asked whether this meant that Christian Schleck would receive his support, the Minister answered that his attitude had nothing to do with backing anyone, rather he had always supported union activity, having been part of one himself. Indeed this was a widely held and respected viewpoint, one the military recognised as well. Any grievances that may have been caused were unfortunate, since that had not been the intention, and they did their utmost not to elicit these feelings.

Substantial reforms - such as the army are undergoing right now - always incur issues and discussions, so Bausch. These changes needed to be approached with the necessary caution and calm. As with the police, issues of this kind were not sorted in public, but behind closed doors, and as quickly as possible.

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Gewerkschaftlech Aktivitéite si wichteg an däerfen net ageschränkt ginn, huet de Verdeedegungsminister François Bausch gemengt.