On 1 June 2018, heavy rainfall led to flooding across whole areas of the country, causing enormous damage.

A year ago today, parts of the country suffered extreme flooding after heavy rainfall. The areas hit the hardest were Greiveldange and Mullerthal.

According to Saturday's edition of Tageblatt, Greiveldange has renovated the canalisation in the town. Work was completed in December, with six months needed to repair all the damage.

Mullerthal's pathways have mostly been repaired; however, not all businesses in the area are up and running, despite government support.

The Wort said that a number of preventative measures have been implemented in both towns, such as creating more space for streams in case of further rainfall.


Mullerthal's roads affected 

A number of roads were destroyed and forced to close following the flooding. The CR364 between Echternach and Berdorf will finally reopen on 3 June 2019.