The caterpillar is said to cause acute irritation and skin rashes.

Luxembourg City once again warns its people of the dangers of the oak processionary moths. They have already been located in Kirchberg, Cents, Hamm and Bonnevoie.

Due to their adverse health reactions, people are urged to be careful.

The state has identified a number of streets where the insects have been found, but warns that there might be other locations where they have not yet been sighted.

The roads are the following:

- Rue Jean-Pierre Biermann, Cents
- Rue Raoul Follereau, Cents
- Boulevard Simonis, Cents
- Rue de Hamm (école fondamentale), Hamm
- Rue Gabriel Lippmann, Bonnevoie
- Parc Kaltreis, Bonnevoie
- Rue Jules Fischer, Bonnevoie

Video Report June 2018

VIDEO: Oak Processionary Moths, a danger to man and animal (in Luxembourgish)
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