S-Hub, a space dedicated to cross-border workers in teleworking will open Monday next week in Yutz-Thionville.

Individual offices, open-space, meeting rooms, lounge area, concierge services, high-speed WiFi, a large parking area, bike storage facilities: if we are to believe what S-Hub representatives are announcing, it sounds like the dream working environment for telecommuting.

The idea is to allow border workers to avoid traffic jams and the stress they may involve.

According to the hub’s representatives, the space is designed to answer travelling employees’ mobility issues, the chronic congestion of traffic networks and general challenges that accompany the reorganisation of work. In this context S-Hub is, according to them, unparalleled in the Moselle area and the Grand Est.

And that's not all: an additional 650m2 is apparently readily available, should the demand be there.

Located on the Nancy-Luxembourg axis in Yutz-Thionville, the office space will be presented to the press and local elected officials this afternoon. The opening to the public is scheduled for June 3.