Following orders from the public prosecutor's office, police carried out alcohol checks on Saturday night in Kopstal and Windhof.

93 drivers were stopped between 10.30pm and midnight in Kopstal, with two cases testing positive for alcohol. One driver had their licence taken away.

In Windhof a further 63 drivers were checked between 1am and 4am, with three positive cases. Two of these drivers lost their licences on the spot. Police also discovered six cases of drug use and driving under the influence of drugs.

In other areas

An accident occurred in Sanem around 10.30pm when two vehicles collided. One of the drivers had consumed too much alcohol and had their licence taken away.

At around 2.30am a driver hit three parked cars on Route d'Arlon in Mamer, fleeing the scene of the accident. Fortunately witnesses notified the police, who later located the driver sleeping on the back seat of his car. Following a positive breathalyser test, the man lost his licence.

Another driver over the limit was found zigzagging along the road in Kayl at around 4.40am. Police stopped the vehicle and confiscated the driver's licence.

Police stopped another driver on the A13 towards Pétange at around 5.15am due to erratic driving. The man was found to be drunk and also lost his licence.

Shortly before 6am, officers came across a crashed vehicle in Bettembourg, where the driver had consumed too much alcohol and was forced to hand over their licence.

On Saturday evening at around 10.30pm a man was reported as threatening two people with an alleged taser at a camping ground in Remich. Police located the man shortly afterwards, with pepperspray as well as the taser hidden in his jacket. Both weapons were seized and the man was arrested.