On Friday 10 May, a fire spread through two buildings on Place Guillaume II, causing significant damage.

Speaking about the fire on Wednesday morning, Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer confirmed that the buildings damaged by the fire will require a complete renovation. The fire started in the kitchens of popular restaurant Brasserie Guillaume and spread to the rest of the building, destroying a number of apartments. Two of the restaurant's employees had to go to hospital due to smoke inhalation.

Seven households were temporarily rehomed straight away on Friday evening ahead of a more permanent solution. Polfer stated that on Monday, the authorities provided the affected households with homes in empty apartments and apart-hotels.

Now that those whose homes were destroyed have temporary accommodation, the municipal council will turn to experts to renovate the damaged homes. The two buildings belong to the city authorities, leading Polfer to confirm that the authorities had insurance on the buildings in addition to the residents' home insurances.

As for the renovation works, the city authorities are unable to estimate how long these will take. Polfer explained that "everything must be redone," including electricity, insulation, and heating. The work will likely take several months.

The damage is "considerable", given the destruction wrought by the flames and the litres of water used to extinguish the fire. At the time of publication, the mayor confirmed that the buildings are not inhabitable. She highlighted that the municipal authorities will endeavour to renovate the buildings as quickly as possible whilst ensuring nothing has been rushed.