The committee 'Alstad' presented a petition on Friday as a request to the government to erect a statue in memory of Grand Duke Jean in front of the National Museum.

The committee proclaims that the same homage should be paid to the deceased Grand Duke than to his mother, Grand Duchess Charlotte in 1985.

Committee Alstad wants to promote the human qualities of Grand-Duke Jean, claiming that the Grand Duke stands as a role model for all people who want to live in a peaceful world.

Grand Duke Jean passed away on 23 April at the age of 98. Last Saturday, he was buried after a celebratory ceremony in the crypt of the Luxembourg Cathedral.

If the petition reaches 4.500 signatures, it will be openly debated in a meeting by the Chamber of Deputies.

In a survey on, in which 4.700 people participated, 89 percent, in total more than 4200 people, were in favour of a monument.