Luxembourg is on yellow alert on Wednesday due to strong winds and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

After several beautiful sunny days, the weather has taken a decisive turn for the worse - leading Meteolux to issue a yellow alert.

The alert is for the whole country, from 2pm to 8pm. Gusts of wind of up to 75km/h can be expected, alongside localised hail and thunderstorms.

Temperatures will still be relatively mild at between 11 and 13 °C in the morning, and 19 to 21 °C in the afternoon. The mercury will however drop considerably come evening, down to between 6 and 8 °C. These lower temperatures are set to stay with us for the next several days, with the highest forecast being 15 °C on Friday - after that, we should expect highs of between 11 and 13 °C until Sunday and possibly beyond.

© Météolux

Some advice for this afternoon: safely stow away anything that may fly away or fall off your terraces and gardens and, if you can, park your car under cover. Also take care on the roads, and avoid walking/cycling/running in forests and under trees as the winds begin to pick up.