(Galileo) Galileo - you get the the idea (or you need to listen to more Queen) - either way, we're in for a stormy day.

Hold on to your hats and cover yourself in waterproofs, because today's going to be a wet one. The morning's set to start off with heavy rain, which is followed in the afternoon by - wait for it - heavier rain. Come evening we'll get a bit of heavy rain with a side of thunder.

The afternoon and evening will also be windy, with winds of around 20-25 km/h and gusts of up to 60 km/h.

As for temperatures, well, not much is going to change. The morning will start off at around 5 to 7 °C, rising (barely) to between 11 and 13 °C in the afternoon, with evening temperatures around 6 to 8 °C.

Traffic checks

Police have announced four speed checks for Wednesday.

One in the morning:

  • CR148-N13 in Dalheim.

And two in the afternoon:

  • Route d'Esch in Belvaux.
  • Rue Principale in Grevels.

Drive safely!

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