RTL Radio's Wednesday morning guest in the studio was the Democratic Party MP André Bauler, the rapporteur of the budget project.

Bauler visited RTL Radio to discuss the budget ahead of Wednesday's scheduled sessions in the Chamber of Deputies, which will see MPs debate the budget project. The vote on the project is scheduled for Thursday.

Recently, institutions including the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts have aired concerns about the budget, claiming it is based on economic predictions that are far too optimistic in nature. The rapporteur rejected these criticisms, pointing out that the government has remained prudent in its estimations in its previous budgets.

Bauler explained that whilst he only had a month to examine and analyse the budget project, as opposed to the usual two to three months, he began meetings concerning digitalisation in January. He wanted to use that time productively and knew ahead of the budget's release that it would have a heavy focus on digitalisation.

Digitalisation has become the key issue of this year's budget, similar how in previous years the impetus had been on sustainability or social justice. Bauler explained that digitalisation is a phenomenon that affects everyone in the country and the government must work to determine how to make it available and accessible to all citizens. Specifically, the government should both raise awareness of dangers such as cyber crime, but also show citizens how digitalisation can facilitate certain processes.

The budget specifically focuses on the new Ministry of Digitalisation, but Bauler explained that digitalisation is a process that is all-encompassing rather than limited to the new ministry alone.

Aside from digitalisation, Bauler emphasised the importance of significant investments in the country's mobility infrastructure, housing, education, and health, all of which will allow Luxembourg to remain competitive and attractive.

Queried on how critical his analysis of the budget was, being that he belongs to the same party as Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna, Bauler explained that his role as rapporteur consists of reporting on the budget, but also examining it with the parliamentary commission on finance. This includes listening to institutions and administrations. Bauler explained that the Court of Auditors had particular concerns and it was his duty to listen to those concerns and pass them on in his report.