Virtual assistance technology has made astounding progress in the last ten years, but there remains a gap. A Luxembourgish gap, to be specific.

If you've ever wondered what a Luxembourgish Siri sounds like, this simulation could provide you with a taster. The idea of a Luxembourgish-speaking Siri is not a notion that has been randomly created out of thin air. On the contrary, it was in the Democratic Party's manifesto ahead of the 2018 legislative elections.

The manifesto highlighted promoting the Luxembourgish language on a virtual platform and the party aimed to advocate the understanding of Luxembourgish in language recognition software, such as Alexa or Siri.

Luxembourgish linguist Jérôme Lulling (Luxdico, has developed a first simulation of what a Luxembourgish Siri could sound like. The voice of Siri was provided by Luxembourgish student Christine Mandy and based on common questions and answers provided by the English-speaking Siri, as the software is extremely developed and intricate in English.