There have been a series of car fires throughout the past few months, most of which have taken place in the area surrounding Hesperange. The public prosecutor's office announced earlier this week that it is investigating an individual for potential arson.

Often, car fires start as a result of technical defects. But how is the issue viewed from the perspective of insurers?

It makes no difference to the car owner whether the fire was the result of a technical error or arson, according to insurance providers. The insurance provider only takes over the costs of the damage if the car owner has comprehensive cover. This, however does not mean that the car owner will have to shoulder the costs, depending on the cause of the fire.

If the fire was caused by arson, the owner can claim against the arsonist. According to Marc Hengen of ACA (the insurers' association), firefighters can confirm whether the fire in question was caused by arson.

If a technical fault caused a fire, the owner will be able to claim against the cause of the technical fault, for instance the manufacturers.

If a car catches fire due to a nearby burning car, this would fall under the jurisdiction of a technical fault, but the owner of the car which first caught fire would be liable to cover the costs of damage to other cars.