In Statec's monthly examination of inflation figures, March's annual inflation rate rose by 0.16% compared to the previous month.

The statistics portal outlines the increase as predominantly due to the second consecutive month of rising fuel prices, which rose by 2.4% compared to February 2019.

Heating oil rose by the highest amount, costing 5.1% more than in the previous month.

Compared to the previous year, fuel prices in general experienced price hikes of 9.1%.

With fuel prices not included, the prices of goods and services rose by 0.5%, whereas the prices of food products dropped by 0.7%. The cost of fresh fruit (-3.9%) and vegetables (-6.7%) plummeted in particular over the course of March. The cost of fresh meat also fell (-1.1%), whereas fresh seafood experienced a slight price increase of 0.2%

Compared to March 2018, however, the cost of food products has risen by 1.2%.

Statec also examined services, noting that the cost of air travel has risen by 7.1% and rail travel by 5.2%