In Belgium, the virus has been confirmed in over 700 animal carcasses. (video in Luxembourgish)

On 13 September 2018, the first two cases of African swine fever were discovered near Etalle, some 20km away from the Luxembourgish border. In the meantime,  140 tests have been carried out in Luxembourg. All of them came back negative , according to Dr Félix Wildschütz, the head of the veterinary inspection.

Looking at a map of the Belgian province Luxembourg, the situation on that side of the fence seems very different. As recently as a week ago, 708 positive cases had been reported. One of them in Differt, at the edge of the Belgian protection zone.

As long as there are no cases in Luxembourg, people can spend time in the forest, although dogs should be kept on a leash as a precaution.

Should you find a wild boar carcass in the forest, do not touch it and immediately call the ANF hotline on 40 22 01 - 666.