For three decades the Cité Syrdall neighbourhood in Wecker has looked more like a dumping ground than a welcoming neighbourhood. RTL shows you what this ghost town looks like nowadays.

In the early 70s the 'Cité Syrdall' was built to accommodate students, however no students ever moved into the neighbourhood. In the 80s the municipality planned to build a Hotel and golf course. This project was never realised. Private citizens moved into the buildings, however they were never able to register at the local commune, as the dwellings were registered as leisure facilities.

Demolition work on 21 out of the 39 houses will begin this year. The remediation fund of the Cité Syrdall has been in charge of the ghost town since 1988. 80% of the nearly 6 hectares belong to the fund. However they had to negotiate with around 120 building owners to buy more land in order to go ahead with the demolition project.

Each municipal council in Wecker has had to deal with the recurring topic of the Cité Syrdall, predominantly due to unpaid bills for water and domestic waste.

Photos by Domingos Oliveira.

About this series

The series of pictures by our colleagues at will collect impressions of well-known places in the Grand-Duchy that have been or will be demolished, or that are otherwise rather hidden.

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