It's the jolliest season of the year (aside from Christmas), but unfortunately, many drivers mistake the carnival spirit for an excuse to drive irresponsibly.

Like every year, Luxembourg's police conducted a number of preventative traffic checks during the carnival season. This year, they put a particular emphasis on speed and alcohol checks.

Police conducted 600 checks between mid-February and mid-March. In total, 150 drivers were found to have blood alcohol levels significantly exceeding the legal maximum. The licenses of these drivers were suspended. Another 15 drivers were fined for alcohol-impaired driving.

1,047 drivers were fined for speeding. In 12 cases, police suspended the driver's license for excessive speeding.

According to the police, the goal of the checks was to improve traffic safety on Luxembourg's roads. This is the case not only during the carnival season, the police explained. One out of three deadly accidents is still caused by alcohol behind the wheel.