A two-year-old died on Saturday in Lunéville (town in France, 30 km from Nancy), after being hit by a van. Police have now apprehended the principal suspect.

According to the local media, the accident occurred at around noon in rue d'Alsace in Lunéville.

The young boy briefly escaped the sight and attentions of his grand-mother, who was at the hairdresser at the time.

The boy left the hairdresser's through an open door and wandered between two cars parked on the street. This was when a passing van hit the child. As a result of the impact, the child suffered a heart-attack, but could not be resuscitated by the rescue services.

The prosecutor stated that the driver immediately fled the scene and was actively being sought after.

Suspect apprehended

According to several sources, the hit-and-run driver was arrested Saturday evening and placed into police custody in Lunéville.

Saturday afternoon, investigators analyzed security camera footage of the incident and questioned witnesses. They were then able to identify the car and the main suspect.

According to L'EST Républicain, the driver was born in 1970 and did not have a previous criminal record. He is suspected of having used his phone when the accident occurred.