There are currently seven confirmed cases of measles in Luxembourg. (Video in Luxembourgish).

Measles is a highly contagious, viral illness.

According to RTL-information, the measles outbreak was discovered at the European School in Mamer.

The parents were informed by school officials last week.

The management from the Ministry of Health ('Santé.lu') also identified the initial infection site.

After investigating the infected pupils and their surroundings, it quickly became clear that the risk of the disease spreading within the school community is extremely high.

Dr Jean-Claude Schmit, director of the Santé, warns that measles need to be taken seriously, as they can lead to serious complications and in the worst case it can even lead to death.
Each infected person can infect up to 20 people, which is why the Ministry of Health advises everyone to check whether their vaccinations are up-to-date, since no cure for measles exists currently.

In order to guarantee complete protection from the viral infection, two shots of the vaccination are necessary.

Measles-symptoms include a runny nose, along with conjunctivitis, cough and fever, and tiny red spots which cover the whole face.

Measles are an illness which the doctor must declare, as soon as it is determined that the patient is infected.

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