During their conference on Saturday, non-profit organisation 'Ecological Movement' argued that we find ourselves in the midst of a climate and biodiversity crisis.

Luxembourg's Ecological Movement organization applauded Luxembourg's youth - and voiced criticism for the country's politicians.

According to the association, Luxembourg’s young people clearly understood that the presence of a climate crisis is undeniable. In this context, they praised they young climate warriors for their commitment to saving the plant.

Blanche Weber, president of ‘Mouvement Ecologique’, highlights that the demand to look after our planet is only common sense - the planet has to be protected so that the generations of the future can lead a normal life.

The organisation did not shy away from voicing criticism for Luxembourg's politicians. CSV's Martine Hansen, for instance, was criticised for her reaction to LSAP party leader Franz Fazot’s idea of increased taxes on SUV’s.

The government and politicians could do more, they argued. We are still left without a sustainable tax reform and the current situation regarding climate protection is contradictory, Weber lamented. For this reason, the association demands specific measures and suggestions for climate protection - including propositions from political parties as part of the European elections.

She concluded that Europe must decide between growth and globalisation, or sustainability and climate protection.