The national council from the CSV (Christian Social People's Party ) accepted on Friday evening the program for the European elections and presented it on Saturday morning during the congress in Grevenmacher.

During his introductory speech, president of the Christian Social People's Party, Frank Engel, stressed that Europe is not only meant for the rich, but for everyone and that this is something everyone needs to believe in.

Engel also recognised, that for people to believe in a unified Europe, they must feel that the European Union has a positive impact on their life.

During the congress the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker was also present, and greeted with a standing ovation.

© Monique Kater

''I worry about Europe's future'', so the president of the European Commission. Jean-Claude Jucker emphasised that those who do not realise the necessity to push Europe to the forefront, being the smallest continent, have not learnt from previous lessons. It is crucial to fight against the nationalists with fair means, so that they do not overrun Europe.

Jean-Claude Juncker also reacted to criticism regarding his Commission and gave a short analysis of the outcome. A lot has been achieved, for example the unemployment rate of the EU went down as a result of the so-called Juncker-Plan. The commission has also reduced the budget deficit.

He also mentioned that he will, just like his critics, write his own memoirs in which he will tell his side of story.