Since the start of the year, all grant payments from Prime House had been suspended due to delays.

Minister for the Environment Carole Dieschbourg confirmed the information given by CSV MP Gilles Roth, that delays have led to the Prime House grants to be suspended.

In her response to Roth's parliamentary question, Dieschbourg explained that the issue is that that there was no current delegation of signing authority for the environmental administration director Robert Schmit.

This resulted in an administrative delay which has since been resolved, and all requests for subsidies were processed by the end of February.

The Prime House subsidies are a response to requests for financial assistance for investments in renewable energies, or energy renovations. The ministry grants this aid to individuals, private and public developers, real estate companies and non-profit organisations, provided they are committed to improving their energy efficiency.

The minister further noted in her response that general application processing time had decreased substantially since 2013, when it could take up to eight months to process, to a mere few weeks now.