Accident involving 4 cars on the A13, and other incidents.

Just before 8pm on Thursday (21 March), a car drove into a tree between Canach and Lenningen. One person was injured.

Emergency services from Canach and Wormeldange, as well as first responders (Samu) from Luxembourg City, attended the site of the incident.

A few minutes later, four cars collided on the A13 between Altwies and Frisange, where one person was injured.

An ambulance from Dudelange and emergency services from Frisange and Mondorf were called to help.

At around 8.30 pm, a motorcyclist collided with a car between Feulen and Heiderscheid.

Ambulances from Diekirch and Ettelbrück, as well as first responders (Samu) from Ettelbrück tended to the two victims. The fire brigades from Ettelbrück and Feulen also provided assistance.

Emergency services also reported on a kitchen fire in Limpertsberg, on Avenue du Bois.

There was material damage, but nobody sustained physical injuries.