Following the backlash after the police trade union's general meeting, the SNPGL has published a press release continuing to support the union president's criticism.

Following the meeting on Monday, both Minister of Interior Security Francois Bausch and director general of the police Philippe Schrantz slammed the trade union, claiming its criticism was damaging the reputation of the police force.

In a response by press release, the executive committee and the members of the trade union continue to stand behind president Pascal Riquier and his opinion on police leadership. The press release condemns the personal attacks against Ricquier and dismissed the claim that the criticism would damage the reputation of the police.

The press release continued by claiming the minister positioned himself supporting the police leadership without analysing the legitimate critique aired by the union. As a result, he clearly positioned himself on the side of the hierarchy, the statement claims.

In an interview, the statement went on to claim, Schrantz depicted the situation as if the trade union had been in favour of the police reform, which was far from the truth.

The trade union ended by refuting the minister's claims that Riquier made "nasty" comments about the working conditions and reminded the police leadership that it is open to a constructive dialogue.