On Thursday morning, the police issued a warning concerning a seriously disturbing video currently being shared on social media.

In the initial police bulletin, police reported that a child pornography video was being shared and distributed on social media, predominantly by and amongst teenagers. The bulletin detailed that the video's contents were so violent and brutal that the police had decided to issue a public warning against watching and sharing it.

When RTL inquired, chief commissioner Claude Weis confirmed that young people in secondary schools were sending a link over Snapchat, which would open to show a video depicting the rape of a baby. Afterwards, teenagers would then send the link on.

The police have stressed that both watching and distributing child pornography is punishable by law.

A number of individuals had contacted the police because the video was so shocking. Weis told RTL that he has seen "nearly everything" in his 14-year career, but never anything quite like the video.