On Wednesday, the trial against a 62-year-old father accused of raping his three daughters on multiple occasions continued.

Two of the daughters testified in tears on Wednesday as their father's lawyer questioned their accounts.

The defendant stands accused of having raped three of his children on multiple occasions between August 2006 and April 2012. The two daughters testifying on Wednesday tearfully told the court how their father raped them both in the Philippines and in Luxembourg.

Just over 13 years ago, the four children - three daughters and a son - joined their father in Luxembourg for a better life.

As a now 32-year-old victim told the court, everything had been fine at the beginning, although they did not get on with their father as it had been a long time since they had lived with him. The 32-year-old woman was 19 when she says that she was raped by her father.

In August 2006, the father had asked his children and stepchildren to sleep in the living room. The victim told how she woke up, as she felt that she was being touched in intimate places. Initially, she thought she had been dreaming up until the defendant penetrated her.

She told the court how she then asked him why he had touched her, and he simply shrugged the whole incident off. That same evening, he raped her again, threatening her to comply. According to the victim's testimony, she was shocked, as this was her father abusing her. The defendant went to great lengths to ensure the assault would occur when the house was empty and put on a front to the world as if she was his favourite daughter.

As she told the court previously, she had attempted suicide, become pregnant, and aborted the foetus according to his wishes. He then sent her to the Philippines for her studies, but continued to rape her when he visited her.

The main victim told the court that she filed charges against her father, as her two sisters said he had done "terrible things" to them and her rape continued until 2012. Her youngest sister, now aged 24, told the court her assault began in 2008. When she was first raped, the father used a condom and threatened her. She had been ill at home and had screamed for help, but nobody had been home. The second victim told the court she tried to suppress some of her memories and that the defendant had attempted to rape her in the Philippines too. As he began assaulting the third sister, the two vowed to leave the home.

The defendant's lawyer, Roby Schons, questioned the two sisters' testimonies at court.

The trial continues on Thursday afternoon.