As suggested by RTL sources earlier this year, the news has emerged that the former Democratic Party MP Agny Durdu will overtake the state council presidency.

The former MP in the northern constituency and long-time Wincrange mayor Agny Durdu will succeed the current state council president Georges Wivenes on 1 April.

Wivenes held the role of president for the last 13 years, but will be stepping down. Durdu joined the state council in 2006 to replace Carlo Meintz, who died aged 84.

Durdu is currently one of the two vice presidents and her position will be filled by Patrick Santer, although Romain Nati will keep his role as the second vice president.

Santer joined the state council exactly ten years ago, to replace Vic Rod. The son of the former CSV prime minister Jacques Santer (1984-1995), Santer is a partner at the Elvinger-Hoss-Prussen law firm.

The other vice president, Romain Nati, is currently the director general of the CHL (Luxembourg Hospital Centre) and has been in the state council for fifteen years, replacing Nicolas Schmit.

The member who most recently joined the state council is lawyer Yves Wagener, who was a Green party candidate in the elections. Wagener replaced Mike Mathias on 1 February.